Our Services To You

Midwifery Services

 Our midwifery services include:

  • During your pregnancy- Prenatal appointments

  • Your birth experience 

  • Lactation Services

  • Postpartum care 1-6 wks


Our co-care is Dealing with the holistic mindset of pregnancy with hospital birth option:
  • where you have our care in line with your family practice or Obstetrician 
  • You will see a midwife in case you have other questions after your appointments
  • Doula support  
  • Lactation support
  • Postpartum care 1- 6 wks

Doulas: Platinum or Gold Packages

Our Doula services are:

  •  Empowering you through education

  •  Creating a birth plan

  •  Doula Support 

  •  Lactation Services 

  •  1 Postpartum visit


Education & Consulting Services


Empower your birth journey through education :

  •  Pre-birth nutrition

  •  Birth education

  •  Lactation education  

  •  Consulting on current pregnancy or past ones


Post-Loss Care

Post-loss care includes support: YOUR NEEDS MATTER


Care for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs after:

  • Abortion

  • Miscarriage  

  • Stillbirth

Lactation Services

Our certified Lactation Counselor is available:

  • Choose your  package

  • Education

  • Support with Lactation 


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