Testimonials from our Families


Joey and her team were a part of our support system for the home birth of our youngest daughter. Working with a midwife and having a home birth was not our original plan, but due to COVID-19, we considered other birth options, and I’m so glad we did! This is our third child -the first two were born in a hospital- and this has been, by far, the BEST birth and postpartum experience. The care I received during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum was personal, thoughtful, and empowering. I felt like I was in control, but I always felt comfortable to ask any questions. Joey also went above and beyond to include our older children during prenatal visits and the birth. It was truly a family experience and for that, I am so thankful! Thank you, Birthing Miracles

June 19,2020


The most incredible, patient, loving, encouraging, big hearted individuals. Communication was amazing the entire process. Always showing up to help me in any way. I was so happy to share my home birth space with them. Everything about the birth was so natural and fluid. Joey has my trust as she looked deep within my eyes with each contraction. The universe and my body synced and prepared for the arrival of my son. Everything was phenomenal. And I am so thankful I choose this team.

July 14,2020


Joey and her team are absolutely wonderful. My labor was beautiful and I felt very supported. After some time I was having some complications and wanted pain relief— Joey was understanding and supportive of all my decisions. Not only does she help you to have the labor and delivery that YOU want, she’s amazing with prenatal and postpartum care. I love her and her team and will hopefully be using Birthing Miracles again one day.

Joey goes above and beyond basic care as a midwife. She is deeply wise, knowledgeable, caring and strong. I had the best possible birth I could imagine thanks to her and her wonderful assistants. Her care continues beyond the birth day postpartum to assist and care for baby and mom, which she does an absolutely fantastic job of! I had another midwife with my previous baby and the care and experience I had with Joey this time around does not even come close! I am thrilled, grateful, blessed and truly impressed with her care and would highly highly recommend her to anyone seeking a wonderful birth experience.

June 10,2020

Mrs. Joey is truly amazing, if your looking for a good midwife she is your midwife!! She has a lot of information and resources to help you out. If you are having problems with she will do what she can to see what's going on!! She has truly helped my husband and I out with so much information!!

💗 💗 💗

June 7, 2020


Joey has been such a ray of sunshine and support through out multiple miscarriages, my full term pregnancy, and a really rough start to nursing! Shes so kind, caring, and knowledgeable always willing to help and be there! She goes above and beyond and I am so very grateful for her support and knowledge the last couple years! Thank you Joey your the best!

Client for three years 

June 7,2020

I worked with Joey as my doula during my first pregnancy and she was able to bring such a special touch to my experience. I have worked with other doulas in my profession as a physician and I know that many do not provide the care that Joey does, especially since she is also trained in midwifery. I was able to chat with her via video, text and phone calls whenever I wanted. She was always so responsive and understanding. She provided me with a significant amount of resources including supplement review, aromatherapy options, mind body approaches and she provided me with the Hypno baby complete program which I was about to do throughout my pregnancy. This provided a significant amount of relaxation, guided meditation and hypnosis that helped with sleep and anxiety as well as in actual labor. As we got closer to my due date Joey was able to guide me though natural labor induction approaches and helped get me prepared for the big day. She even drove all the way to attend my birthing class with me which was great to go over birth plans and questions together with my husband. Unfortunately I was  induced at 40weeks due to having gestational diabetes and Joey was with me over the phone the entire time. I had a slow induction and chose not to have Joey join us until things picked up. I thought it was so great that she was so open to coming when I was ready and allowed my husband and me to have some special moments in the delivery room alone when we wanted. When I did call upon her she was at the hospital within minutes and was able to provide homeopathy treatment for nausea, aromatherapy, massage and helped relieve my husband to grab some food while she was by my side. After 24 hours of induction I ended up in a C-section. I chose to have only my husband in the OR with me however Joey rushes to the hospital the next morning to check in on us and make sure we didn’t have any needs and help with latching. She was also able to provide us with great breastfeeding support as a lactation consultant. During the months following my delivery she helped guide my post partem supplementation and provided great breastfeeding resources. She also drove all the way back to my house to give me hands on breastfeeding support. I could not be happier with Joey as a doula! It was everything I had in mind and more! She is still to this day always there when I have a question or just need to vent as a new mom :) “

Thank you!
December 2019


Joey was such an amazing resource to help me navigate my pregnancy and birth of my twin boys! As a first time mom, going through pregnancy and birth I had a lot of questions! Joey has been present at so many births that she has a huge knowledge base that made me feel relaxed about my journey knowing someone with this expertise was in my corner. Joey respects your wishes as a mother, and helps you navigate your birth, YOUR way! I would highly recommend her to be your corner throughout pregnancy/delivery/postpartum - you will love it! 

December 2019


My husband and I weren't planning on hiring a doula. We had lots of support already and honestly it seemed like a luxury. We needed the extra backup however when having a couple days of exhausting prodromal labor 3 weeks early. Thankfully Joey was happy to come on short notice and thank heavens because she was the secret weapon we all needed! Joey knows her stuff! She made me do things for labor that weren't fun or pleasant but exactly what I NEEDED. :) I went from start/stalling labor for days to ONLY 2 1/2 hours of active labor and then baby in my arms! I'm convinced my 26 hour labor with my first child would've been a fraction of that had Joey been there. She gave tough love, but again, it was just what me and my baby needed!

She acted as a personal trainer or coach, but she also gave tender massage and touch, encouraged me nonstop with reassurance and praise. Breathing in and out with me, reminding and coaching my pace. Gentle touch to show me where I was tensing and needing to relax. Talking me through making the most of each contraction by directing its energy and power to the right places in my body for best effectiveness. I was struggling with so much anxiety and she helped me push past that fear to bring my baby here safe and sound. She even multitasked to helped my husband help me! He was very willing but needed direction in how to help and she empowered him to have the active role he wanted!

She never left my side for a minute... such a comfort and help in one of the most difficult yet exhilarating times of my life. She's been amazing with postpartum visits too, checking in often just to make sure we're doing okay and adjusting well! I would recommend Joey to anyone! She'll be an added strength and help to your birth no matter the situation or setting. Pregnancy is such a worthwhile marathon and this is a coach who'll make sure you cross the finish line well, strong, and the best you can!

Posted 10/28/2019


 For 35 hours, Joey labored with me. During that time she moved me in so many different positions, calmed me down, pumped me up, you name it, she did it. She was teaching our nurses and they were asking for her contact information. I truly cannot imagine labor and delivery without Joey. Because of her, I transformed from an anxious and fearful person, to a strong, badass mama. Hiring Joey was the best decision we made. Not only did she help us grow our little family, she became family as well. 


I reached out to Joey about six months into my wife's pregnancy. We had no idea what a doula or midwife was until we went to our birthing class, and when we heard about what they do, I was pretty determined to find someone who would help support my wife through the process of childbirth. I reached out to Joey, and only Joey, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Joey is kind, intelligent and motivated to help prepare women for the adventure that is childbirth. My wife had a complicated labor which ended in a c-section, but until the very end Joey did everything in her power to move my wife around, change positions, use essential oils and comfort her when she was feeling hopeless. It was clear to me that she was capable, experienced and empathetic to the state my wife was in.
It was really incredible to watch and experience. Joey has become a member of our family and we still keep in touch. I will hire her for every birth we have.