Joey Larson CPM,LM&CLC

 I am honored you have chosen to know more about me. I am Joey Larson, and I am blessed to be part of this miracle called birth.

 I was so lucky to be chosen to be birthed into a family with a mother who loved the miracle of what birth was..I always worked and loved the babies and mamas..My mom taught me compassion, choice, love, and support are so important in a woman's life..and behold a midwife was born..

Working with my families,

I am in awe how the whole family is effected during pregnancy and the birth journey. As I have been working now for over 8 years, I have seen how important, the physical, emotional and spiritual care of my clients and their families are.

To educate and care for the "whole" person I have seen so many strong and empowered families through our care and education.

Our families walk through their births feeling strong and healthy afterwards. This journey has allowed me to meet many types of families and situations has opened my eyes and appreciation to different cultures and customs of birth.

Birth changes yet stays the same all over the world.  

It truly is a universal miracle.

I also follow a patient centered care model followed by evidence-based education. I want you to be as active in your birthing plan as possible. Together through education I want your to feel empowered through your birth.


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