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Joey goes above and beyond basic care as a midwife. She is deeply wise, knowledgeable, caring and strong. I had the best possible birth I could imagine thanks to her and her wonderful assistants.

Some Questions to ask at your Interview 

  • What is your philosophy regarding pregnancy and birth and your role in it?

  • How many births have you attended?

  • What percentage of women successfully have a natural birth under your care?

  • What percentage of your clients need to be transferred to the hospital (if planning a home birth or birth center birth) and what are the most common reasons?

  • Do you have hospital privileges? At which hospitals?

  • If you have children, what were your birth experiences like? 

  • What is your philosophy on weight gain, nutrition, prenatal supplements, and exercise during pregnancy?

  • What factors would risk me out of your practice?  Are you able to help me prevent these?

  • What childbirth classes or books do you recommend?

  • Do you typically do vaginal checks during prenatal appointments? 

  • What will happen if I go past my estimated due date? How late can I be and still birth under your care?

  • What testing do you perform on babies who go past their estimated due date? Starting at how many weeks?

  • Do you have any concerns about big babies being birthed naturally?

  • How many women are under the care of one midwife at a time?

  • Will I be able to eat and drink during labor?

  • How much time do you allow for the delivery of the placenta? When do you cut the cord?

  • Are you comfortable if I choose to decline the vitamin K shot, the heel poke (PKU blood test), eye ointment, vaccinations, and/or bathing the baby while at your facility?

  • How will my baby and I be cared for during the postpartum period?

  • What other tests and screenings will I need to have during pregnancy?

  • Can I bring family members and friends to my appointments with me or the birth?

  • Can I have a photographer?

  • Are the symptoms I am experiencing normal?/Should I be experiencing any specific symptoms?

  • Can I continue to exercise?

  • Should I change my diet?

  • When can I call my midwife? If I have an urgent question out of hours, who I can call?

  • Where are my local classes held? When should we begin these classes and what do they involve?

  • What birthing plan would you recommend? Where can I find out more about alternative birth plans/options?

  • If I choose a hospital birth, can I also choose which hospital we go to?