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Sharing Birth and Experiences from our Families

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.

Barbara Katz Rothman

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The Walsh Family- March 2024

Joey is extremely gifted. She is a phenomenally skilled midwife.
I had her for my third homebirth and it was my best experience of all my births (and best pregnancy and post partum too!). She always has wisdom and insight to share and was so encouraging. My kids love her. Her knowledge of herbs and nutrition and supplements helped all my first trimester nausea leave within days. Joey knew exactly what I needed in labor without me speaking a word. I always felt safe under her care.
We are so thankful we could have her.


The Pellock Family

My wife and I are forever grateful for the care we received from Joey. From the first time we met all the way to the postpartum care - it was an experience that is truly unmatched. Could not recommend more for someone looking for a knowledgeable and kind midwife. All the care that is included is above and beyond, it is wonderful and worth it. My wife ended up giving birth in the hospital due to some complications, but we were so grateful she was apart of our journey to bring our baby into the world.

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family postpartum

The Heberlein Family

1st 2nd & 3rd Delivery 2020,2022,2023

I highly recommend Joey. We had 3 wonderful deliveries with her. She respects her patients wishes and does her best to meet their goals for their birth.

You can tell she has a definite passion for mom's and their babies. And goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is well taken care of.

With our second baby with her, she was a few weeks old and developed a fever in the middle of the night Joey was ready and willing to help us through the whole situation even though it was 2 in the morning. That's just one example of how she's went above and beyond with all 3 of our Births with her.

Joey starts as your midwifeand becomes your friend!

Cecilia Allison

VBAC Queen

At the age of 37 I became pregnant and really wanted a VBAC. I was worried the doctors would push me to have another C-section due to my age and the fact in a previous pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. I found Joey as a midwife and she didn’t make me feel old or incompetent. She was a dream midwife with the level of care she provided. After having a healthy pregnancy (no GD this time!), I was able to achieve a calming water birth to a healthy baby boy. Throughout pregnancy she not only cared about my physical well-being but also my mental well-being. She encouraged me to go to a Pelvic Floor therapist and also a Webster Certified chiropractor so that I would have all my boxes checked off for the tools needed to have a successful VBAC. After having my baby with Joey, I thought for sure I would be done with having children. But, my experience with Joey was so great, coupled with my love for babies, I find myself wanting another, even at my even more “advanced maternal age."

VBAC success
father looking at newborn baby
Joey was the midwife for our 1st baby. What can I say? Joey instantly became part of our family. Her love, warmth and compassion from start to finish was the only thing that got us through to the finish! We learned the term "labor " is fairly accurate lol. But seriously, thanks to God and his using Joey in our pregnancy and birth, we have the most precious gift imaginable. A good restaurant should get 5 stars,.. you know what I mean? There isn't an amount of stars. She literally "labored" with us! We couldn't imagine having gone through this without her. And there you have it. I've never written such a thorough review but come on lol were talking about "labor"🤣 And we felt really strongly about this. Just meet her. You'll see😊
From A DAD


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